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Global One Defense has designed a mission-specific course for United States Healthcare Providers. There continues to be an exponential increase of attacks against EMS workers year after year. It is now reported that 70% of EMS workers had been assaulted or experienced some sort of violence in the previous 12-months. The relative risk of assaults on EMS personnel is now three-times higher than the national average! Two thousand EMS workers a year are hurt in patient-initiated violence on the job! This means lost time for employees, worker’s compensation claims, diminished morale, and injury to your most important resource – Your Crews!

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Tactical EMS (T-EMS)


Available Training Courses

Krav Maga Life Defense

Tactical EMS (T-EMS)


Risk / VA Assessments

Places of Worship

Carjacking Survival

Krav Maga Belt Training

Active Shooter Survival

Officer Survival

Corporate, Casino, & School

Home Invasion Survival

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