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Global One Defense offers consulting services for industrial security, personal protection, training and national investigative expertise to corporate organizations to help them solve internal and external problems and improve their business performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy. Our focus is leadership, management, strategy, IT, finance, marketing, HR and supply chain management. We have already provided Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (RTVA), Sensitive Internal Independent Investigations, IT Threat Identification & Protection, Crucial Training and Security Consulting services nationwide.


Casinos, the University of New Mexico, the Navajo Nation, Law Firms, Native American Pueblos, Major Corporations, Public and Private Schools, State Agencies, Churches and small businesses nationwide have used our RTVA consulting services in order to create a solid foundation for establishing or improving their security policies, practices and procedures. Our RTVA consulting services established a close partnership with the client to provide unbiased, objective, and thorough third-party evaluations of the customers current security operations.


We were trained at Sandia National Laboratories- Methodology of Risk/Vulnerability Assessments for high risk and sensitive facilities. Initially, we conduct an assessment of the facility, review policies and procedures and visually observe customer and staff habits and traffic in and out of the family to analyze and determine vulnerabilities, what obvious potential threats there are, what potential risk and consequences are associated with their vulnerabilities, identify security needs and begin to propose solutions that are relevant, effective and practical.  This type of consulting always begins with a clear understanding of what the client’s current security requirements are, what they want them to be, followed by a very comprehensive and current Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (RTVA).

We then recommend risk-mitigating solutions in terms of a low end and high-end cost in accordance with the client’s goals, culture and budget. Global One may or may not be involved in the actual implementation of the recommended solutions but can be if requested. Our recommendations always include follow-up staff training recommendations as well.

The RTVA identifies probable and critical threats as well as vulnerabilities that may enable these threats to actualize.  The combination of the threats and the vulnerabilities equals the Risk. Once the risks are identified, we propose solutions to harden or strengthen the identified weaknesses in order to negate threats and reduce risk. Working closely with our clients, our analysis and solutions center around the four foundational Pillars of Security: physical means, technological means, manpower, and preventive and emergency procedures. We recommend solutions that are relevant, effective and practical.


We are responsible for identifying skills and knowledge gaps, developing instructional materials, organized learning activities, developed lesson plans and power point instructional materials along with effective evaluation and post training after action reporting methodology. Ultimately, we helped our customers employees develop their skills and boost their job performance.


We were responsible for identifying, developing, and implementing internal and external security solutions to meet their client's safety needs in terms of hardening their facility, developing safe rooms, recommendations for Camera placements and security for all surrounding glass to effectively deal with and survive an Active Shooter Situation. We have primarily worked as an advisor and supervisor for all security measures necessary to effectively protect a company’s assets. We have also worked with medium and small businesses and with individual citizens looking to protect their own personal assets. Although the scope of our assignments varies widely, and new projects are always welcome, most of our consulting projects fall into one or more of the following categories:

Risk Threat and Vulnerability Assessments as stand-alone consulting projects are the basis for other services identified.

Security Master Plans that build on RTVAs to enable organizations to strengthen vulnerabilities and provide detailed operational guidelines for coordinated physical, technological, manpower and procedural security measures.

Operational Audits that assess the efficacy of existing or new security measures through analysis, “red teaming” from an adversarial perspective, and other covert methods as agreed with the client.

Intelligence Reports that provide detailed analyses of selected cities, countries or regions to allow informed decision making based on an understanding of current risks.

Casino/Hotel Security Consulting that includes undercover operations, RTVAs, operational audits, master security plans, staffing and combative customer de-escalation training – all based on the distinct needs of the hospitality industry.

Contingency and Crisis Management Planning that prepare organizations in remote locations to deal with predictable – and unpredictable – security situations such as internal and external threats, threats against management, and other potential threats in a way that minimizes risk and maximizes management and employee safety and peace of mind.


Global One Defense offers a three-day Seminar in Executive CQT Protection (E-CQT-P). We divide our E-CQT-P training into the following Executive Protection-Corporate Security categories:

    * Protective Transport Operations of sensitive documents or property

    * On-site and vehicle Protection

    * Protection of High Net Worth Individuals, property and families

    * Religious Organizations

This type of training is always changing as are current threats.  So, we train according to the security expectations of the customer. “The Executive CQT Protection Specialist must be flexible, can quickly adapt and overcome, or find a different profession!

Our Executive CQT Protection Training Program is delivered by experienced current and career law enforcement officials with Dignitary Protection training and on-the job application. The training is designed for beginner Security Professionals who want to bolster their résumé with a certification, that meets a standard acceptable to the corporate world. The program seamlessly incorporates classroom, vehicle, live-fire firearms, attack response and counter attacks, principal extraction exercises and physical close quarter defensive tactics training to equip graduates with the basic practical skills required to launch a career in Executive CQT Protection.

Upon completing the four-day diverse spectrum of courses in the program, each graduate will receive a handsome Certificate of Completion Certifying them as a Dignitary CQT Protection Specialist, that is in high demand within the Protection industry.

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