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This is an Officer Survival LIFE DEFENSE Course is accredited by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy under NMLEA Certification #NM180556. The course is instructed by current and retired law enforcement professionals that are certified, highly skilled and the best our nation has to offer in their respective areas of expertise. They are Subject Matter Experts in areas that have been developed from decades of dedicated service with elite Special Forces Military and SWAT Law Enforcement special operations units that provided them that unique

skill set and foundation need to expertly deliver a high-stress immersion reality-based type course with performance oriented applied tactics proficiency tests. Global One Defense Instructors have trained and certified the Active Shooter Survival Course to Law Enforcement

SWAT, CRT, Street Police and Corrections Officers as well as Probation and Parole Officers in many countries worldwide and within the United States.


We have also delivered this Active Shooter Survival Course to staff and security personnel from private and public schools, universities, small and large corporations, small businesses, hospitals, casinos, Navajo Nation, EMS, and Fire Departments. “Joint Training” with the local law enforcement, EMS and fire Departments is strongly encouraged and is usually delivered in that format. Also see the Casinos/Schools/Corporate tab.


Includes Hands-On Defensive Tactics for the ‘Must Fight” situations, escape tactics, proper hiding using cover and concealment, legalities of Use of Force, managing exiting personnel, prevention tactics, recognizing and reporting suspicious and threatening behavior in the workforce, at schools or at home.

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Active Shooter Survival


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