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The Albuquerque Metropolitan area has experienced an increase in Carjacking incidents, and in some cases with tragic results. Recently, a New Mexico State Police Officers Mother was shot and killed in Albuquerque in her own driveway – a victim of an attempted Carjacking! On some other occasions the Carjacker stole the car with children still inside the vehicle! So, we felt the need to offer training to help prevent and as a last resort defend yourself or a family member, defeat the threat and survive a carjack.


SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: First and foremost, AVOID IT! Maintain your situational awareness 24/7 even at home now. Trust your institution, if something doesn’t look right – it probably isn’t! So, don’t go there. Listen to news casts before leaving your home, in case there’s some civil unrest or increase in crime in the areas you frequent or live. This will give you the ability to avoid those areas. Stay tuned in to local crime stats that you can find on most local law enforcement websites. This will help you identify areas of concern, where carjacking are more prevalent or there’s an increased criminal activity.

DISTANCE: Distance can provide valuable response time! And, run, drive away or get an escort to your vehicle when a suspicious person is nearby—no need to convince yourself that you have to get to your car no matter what! Distance exercises will be consummated by the participants.

ESCAPE ROUTE: Always be aware of an Escape Route. Don’t worry about violating a traffic law--If you need to drive up on the curb and drive down the sidewalk to get away – then do it! Try to keep your vehicle in the center lane next to the yellow line(s).

KEEP DOORS LOCKED: Do NOT get into your vehicle and sit there!  Leave as soon as possible.  You will have time to comb your hair or select a radio station after you leave! Carjackers are always in a hurry, and don’t want to take a lot of time taking your vehicle.

FIGHT as a LAST REPORT: If you have children or an elderly relative that cannot get out of the vehicle – you must then decide if you should fight to save them or let the carjacker take the vehicle with them inside. In a Deadly Force situation, the vehicle can legally be used as a weapon against an attacker. So, if need be and it is justified to do so -- run them down! Remember, at that point in time you’re fighting for your life and the life of your family.

New Mexico “Castle Doctrine” Law: This law allows you to use a firearm from inside your vehicle without any duty to retreat. This is why, it is so important to be firearms trained.  We discuss this at length. We will address your cover and concealment options and the difference.

SECONDARY LOCATION THREAT: NEVER allow yourself to be taken to a Secondary location! If you do your chances of being killed greatly increase as you are then considered a witness against the Carjacker and someone that could end his freedom.

DEFENSIVE TACTICS: We teach some easy-to-learn; Easy-to-Use; Hard-to-Forget Defensive Tactics to defend yourself and your family against a gun or knife during a close encounter with a Carjacker in a must fight situation. Tactics that should only be used as a Last Resort should you decide to defend. This part of the training occurs at each participants vehicle outside in the parking lot. And incorporates how to place the vehicle in gear and use it as weapon to escape.


All the Instructors for the above listed training are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Black Belts in IPP and American KRAV MAGA Martial Art, JUDO, Shotokan, and Jiu Jitsu. Some are also current and retired law enforcement and National Guardsmen.

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