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The following courses are open to all Casinos, Public and Private Schools as well as large, medium and large Corporations and Businesses nationwide. It is also important to note, that it is also certified and accredited by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy under NMLEA Certification #NM180556 as an Advanced Training Course.


All of the courses are instructed by current and retired law enforcement professionals that are certified, highly skilled and the best our nation has to offer in their respective areas of expertise. They are Subject Matter Experts in areas that have been developed from decades of dedicated service with elite Special Forces Military and SWAT Law Enforcement special operations units that provided them that unique skill set and foundation need to expertly deliver a high-stress immersion reality-based type course with performance oriented applied tactics proficiency tests. Global One Defense Instructors have trained and certified the Active Shooter Survival Course to Law Enforcement SWAT, CRT and Street Police Officers in many countries worldwide and in the United States.


We have also delivered this course to staff and security personnel from private and public schools, universities, small and large corporations, small businesses, hospitals, casinos, Navajo Nation, EMS, and Fire Departments. “Joint Training” with the local law enforcement, EMS and Fire Departments is strongly encouraged and is usually delivered that way. This course also includes Hands-On Defensive Tactics for the ‘Must Fight” situations, escape tactics, proper hiding using cover and concealment, legalities of Use of Force, managing exiting personnel, prevention tactics, recognizing and reporting suspicious and threatening behavior in the workforce, at schools or at home.


The Warrior Code embodies certain virtues—courage, honor, loyalty, integrity and selflessness. It says, “I will always place God, family and my mission first, never accept defeat, never quit and NEVER leave a fallen comrade. I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

“Warrior” should not be used to describe every individual who now fights, has ever fought, or prepares to fight a war.  The term would have more strength if we reserved it to apply only to those who meet other important criteria, which may be less tangible, but ultimately more significant, like honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, than that of having fought against an enemy.

With so many employees in private business and government agencies being fire these days for ethical violations of their sworn Code of Ethics, organizations now need to train them in what is considered PROFESSIONAL WARRIOR Ethical behavior. The goal is to help them to develop a working knowledge of what it is and how it applies to their job, what has happened to those before them that have violated this Code, and finally, to enable them to identify and deal with ethical problems they witness, or are developing their workplace, that they see from fellow employees and supervisors, which are causing concern to their future or safety and well being of others.

WARRIOR ETHICS Training helps the members of an organization judge the moral legitimacy of their decisions, enabling them to apply moral principles and values in their chosen profession or business decision-making. At the same time, ethics training fosters the employees' agreement and compliance with the organization's ethical vision representing a mutually-acceptable balance between different stakeholders. Therefore, implementing ethics training does not only mean informing employees about choices made by the management of the company, but also putting each individual in a position to understand and contribute to the agency or corporate mission to grow and realize healthy achievement through a conscious orientation of their own choices and everyday behavior.

Short lectures and heavy individual involvement with role playing and group exercises are applied all day long to strengthen communication of the agency/corporate values and promoting a shared ethics culture within one another.

Group exercises help to facilitate the implementation of sustainability and social responsibility tools such as code of ethics; social and ethical accounting; sustainability reporting; Internal ethical auditing; ethics committees. These benefits can be achieved through various group exercise training formats and methods, including:

  • Awareness & Reporting issues.

  • Dilemma analysis training.

  • Use of fellow employees on specific organizational issues/stakeholder relations; and

Requiring Group role-play scenarios.

We Make It Fun

We get it. Employee trainings of any kind can be a bit of a slog and employee pushback can be intense. There are ways to make things more fun, though, even when it comes to serious discussions.  Even though ethics are a serious business, gamification and role-playing can help lighten the mood a bit, or at least get employees thinking in a different way.

But, We Take It Seriously

Sure, it’s easy to make fun of ethics training for employees – seems like everyone has a ready joke at hand. However, if your goal is employee retention, functioning as a team where everyone is appreciated, supported, and heard, and understands their ethical responsibilities, they will need to take this type of training seriously. Give it the time, space, and resources it needs to be done well.


Create a More Respectful Workplace with our Definitive Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Program – 2-Day Course

Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work changes employee behavior and helps put an end to sexual harassment at work. Far more than a summary of legalities, we educate employees while engaging them in role playing, evaluating one another’s responses, engaging in group discussions with group presentations and empowering them to develop their own role-playing scenarios.

  • Provides powerful support materials

  • Graphic videos with group discussions

  • Workplace sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior indicators and the obvious

  • Improves employees' understanding of and response to these behaviors

  • Emphasizes the importance of being an upstander, how to report and document

  • Consequences of Sexual Harassment in the workplace and the civil liability

  • Instructors Manager ensure instruction is relevant to the workforce learners, and that manager-specific training requirements are met.

  1. Training tab: PLACES of WORSHIP: Add the letter “S”. Then, Insert this description:

Global One Defense and Calvary Albuquerque will host its 12th Annual Places of Worship Safety & Security Conference in 2020.  This conference is offered every year in October with topics that change every year depending on the need for a particular training for America’s Places of Worship.  Attendees come from all over the United States with heavy involvement from Places of Worship in the SW U.S. This conference is open to all religious denominations with Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Non-Denominational Christian, Methodist and many others have attended.


  • Church Safety/Security Management

  • Place of Worship-Selection & Retention of Security Team Members

  • Threat of Domestic & Transnational Terrorism against Places of Worship

  • The Sexual Predator – Protecting the Children

  • Active Shooter Survival for the Congregation

  • How to Safely Deal with a Suspicious Device

  • Handgun & Knife Attacks in Place of Worship

  • The WARRIORS Mentality

  • COMBAT First Aid – During and After an Attack

  • Threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

  • Hometown Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Use of Force and Authorizing Conceal Carry for Security Team

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