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This Officer Survival LIFE DEFENSE Course is accredited by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy under NMLEA Certification #NM180556, instructed by current and retired law enforcement professionals who are also certified 2nd, & 3rd Degree Black Belts in KRAV MAGA Israeli Combat Martial Art, highly skilled and the best our nation has to offer in their respective areas of weapon defense expertise. They are Subject Matter Experts in areas that have been developed from decades of KRAV MAGA specialized Antiterrorism and Street Survival Training and from their dedicated service with elite Special Forces Military Units and Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT) Law Enforcement special operations units.  That provided them the unique skill set and foundation needed to expertly deliver a high-stress immersion reality-based type course with performance applied tactics proficiency tests. Global One Defense Instructors have trained and certified Law Enforcement SWAT, Corrections Officers, Crisis Response Teams, and Street & Plainclothes Police & Corrections Officers in many countries worldwide and in the United States.


Global One Defense has designed a mission-specific Life Defense Officer Close Quarter Tactics Survival Course for United States Law Enforcement. Each level is 8-hours of intense realistic Officer Survival type training.  The current ambush-style killings and random unprovoked attacks on Police and Corrections Officers, which unfortunately has become too common, has added to a deadly increase in a disturbing trend for law enforcement nationwide: the number of police and corrections officers either gunned down, stabbed or brutally attacked has increased 167%! This exponential increase of violence against all public safety officials regardless of agency or geographical location year after year requires new Close Quarter Tactical Survival (CQT) Training immediately and beyond 2020.

The Five Levels of CQT Survival Training are all KRAV MAGA Israeli Combat Martial Art based and consist of:

    * Hand-to-Hand & Blunt Instrument Attack Defenses

    * Knife Attack Defenses

    * Gun/Rifle Attack Disarm Defenses

    * Multiple Attacker Survival Defenses

    * Instructor Certification – With Teach-Back requirement.

The CQT courses are physically demanding but worth the effort and certification for the serious officers and are delivered to participants with tactics from standing and ground positions, attacks in various positions from the officer’s front, back, and sides, as well as, inside/outside of a vehicles, rooms and open space. All Defensive Tactics include constant transitions to a duty weapon and ground control (Handcuffing). Keeping your officers alive is the ONLY option!

The relative risk of violent assaults on law enforcement is now at its highest level ever and is more than the national average with over 650,000 public safety officers injured or killed in offender-initiated incidents on the job every year! This means lost time for employees, worker’s compensation claims, diminished morale, and injury to your most important resource – Your Officers!”


All the CQT courses can be customized to meet the mission-specific training needed to Certify Specialty Transport & Response Units, Undercover Agents, Plainclothes Detectives, and Executive Dignitary Protection units.

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