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Albuquerque Bilingual Academy

"To Whom It May Concern: 

On April 21, 2023, Global One Defense provided our school community with an active shooter training; Participants included staff, students, and parents. 

I am writing to extend my gratitude to the Global One Defense team as well as recommend this active shooter training to other public and private schools in order to prepare for potential threats and instances of firearms on campus. The training provided by Global One Defense was tailored for our K-8 student body and included all essential training components without exposing participants to graphic content or scenarios that were age and developmentally inappropriate. The team was very professional and extremely knowledgeable in the areas in which the training addressed (first aid, active response, and logistical planning). As a staff, we left the training feeling much more prepared to respond in the event of an active shooter on campus. As a head administrator, I was happy with the team’s input that they provided during the threat assessment component at the end of the training day. This input was useful in helping me to identify next steps in securing our campus and ensuring the safety of our entire school community. 

I highly recommend Global One Defense for your active shooter training needs. We plan to continue contracting their organization for annual training so that our staff stays up to date and remains prepared to respond in the event of a crisis on our campus."

By: Chris Jones, Executive Director

Calvary Church

"Here at Calvary Church, it has been a privilege and an honor to join forces with your team. We have successfully hosted numerous training programs over the last fifteen years at our various campuses and feel it has made an impact on safety and security awareness. 

Recent events across our nation have only reinforced the fact that churches need to plan for a quick response in emergency situations. We place a high value on solid training of volunteers and employees since concern for the safety and security of our church is a priority within Calvary. We are confident that protocols established for active shooter scenarios, situational awareness and basic defensive tactics have been top-notch and a vital part of keeping our campuses safe. The response from our volunteers and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. These trainings have taught us to think fast in crisis situations, to work as a team, and have empowered us to be quality first responders. Please extend a thank you to all trainers for their professionalism, experience, and insight. Keep up the excellent work and may the Lord bless each of you in your future instruction."

By Skip Heitzig, Senior Pastor

Global One Defense

Advanced Pistol Course – AAR

"On Saturday September 19, 2020 I attended the Global One Defense Advanced Pistol Course. I had been  selected as one of a handful of members of my church safety team to attend this course. Having been  through several training events with Global One Defense I had a good idea of what to expect. G.O.D.  courses are always led by world class instructors, and this course was no exception.

We arrived at the training facility, Founders Ranch, located in Edgewood, New Mexico at about 730am  for an 830am start time. This facility sits within a ranch and consists of no less than fourteen shooting  ranges of different sizes and distances, spread over at least a several dozen acres. The area is  surrounded by pinon pines, juniper, and cedars. The facility is known for its focus on cowboy action  shooting and shotgun competitions. Today’s training however was geared towards the modern  defensive handgun shooter.

We met in the banquet hall for a briefing and review of safety expectations, introductions, and class  logistics. The instructors for this class consisted of two former SWAT operators from the Albuquerque  Police Department, two active members of the New Mexico State Police training division, a retired  Albuquerque Fire Department EMT, and the lead instructor and company CEO, Gil Baca. Gil is a retired  law enforcement officer from the New Mexico State Police and has spent the last several years training  law enforcement and military personnel worldwide.

After reviewing the safety protocols, we prayed as a group and said the Pledge of Allegiance before  heading to the range. There were twelve shooters overall and we began with some of the basics. Any  good firearms instructor understands the value of reviewing the fundamentals from the start. These  instructors did just that, beginning with the four firearm safety rules, drawing from concealment,  drawing from the open, handgun grip, stance, and target acquisition.

We then began running some drills, including reloads, failure drills, the well-known box drill, the  rectangle drill, and I quickly determined even the new students were in for a great day of learning and at  a fast pace. Of the twelve shooters the majority were there for the Advanced course, while a few were  there for a Basic course. We were split into our groups and we assigned a primary instructor the rest of  the day.

The instructor for my group was retired police detective and SWAT operator, Jason Westbrook.  Although I previously knew Jason outside of this setting, this was my first-time training with him, and he  turned out to be a very gifted and articulate instructor. Our small group consisted of six shooters all with  varying skill levels from a couple of somewhat newer shooters, to a few of us who have been shooting  most of our lives. In addition to varying skill levels, we had varying gear and weapons ranging from a  Kimber .45 to an HK 9mm, to a few Glocks and one shooter with a Ruger LC9. Jason did a great job  explaining things that were easy to understand regardless of experience, skill levels, and weapon  capabilities. Each shooter worked well with the others and at the same pace, so we all got something  out of each step of the class.

We moved to a smaller range where we worked on shooting and moving, shooting on the move,  retreating, moving to cover, and moving with others. This would come into play later in the day in a  different setting. We were shooting steel targets which I could tell helped the newer shooters feel that  sense of satisfaction we all appreciate. These drills also included an added level of excitement since the

shooters would have to run forward to reset the steel targets between sets, adding to the increased  heartrate and overall energy of the course.

We then moved to another range and worked on tactical reloads, speed reloads, shooting from  barricades, the use of cover and concealment, and teamwork. Running drills in pairs we were challenged  to communicate with our partner while providing cover and moving through doorways, windows, and  using tables and other obstacles. This range also provided several varying sizes and shapes of steel  targets at distances of about 10 to 15 yards. Those of us with double stack magazines had an advantage  when it came to reloads, but I honestly think those with single stacks learn an appreciation for accuracy,  as one of the better shooters was running the Kimber .45. This guy was on target consistently.

Jason had us speed things up as we ran these drills which paid off when at the end of this segment we  ended with a timed friendly competition to see who could most quickly and accurately draw, shoot, and  assess the targets from a distance of about 30 feet. Times ranged from close to 40 seconds to the  quickest at just over 11 seconds. Where I ended up on that scale I will leave to your imagination, but I  will add I was pleased with my performance. I don’t try to beat others; I try to beat myself.

The instructors each did a good job of managing water and restroom breaks effectively. We did not stop  for lunch, but most shooters had brought sandwiches or other snacks we took quick advantage of when  switching between ranges. Each shooter was expected to safely manage their own ammo, which given  the amount of shooting we were doing resulted in us stuffing mags consistently while giving the  instructors attention.

Both groups from the Advanced course then met in the middle of the facility to unload our weapons and  mags, before moving into a larger building area where we would be using blue guns to run through  some room clearing exercises. This point in the training was led by Jason, along with his former partner  on the APD SWAT team, retired officer Jason Peck.

It was quickly apparent these guys have trained very well, together, for several years and they shared a  good amount of their personal experiences to help us better understand the concepts and tactics they  were teaching. We drilled room entries from center fed doorways, corner fed doorways, both exiting  rooms as well as entering. Communication is key in situations like these and this was a point the  instructors stressed and demonstrated to a high degree. Shooters were paired up and were given plenty  of time to get a good understanding of the concepts and were encouraged to continue this training later  at home.

The building provided several doorways, a long hallway, closets, cabinets, and other obstacles to  maneuver while running these drills. The footwork we had worked on earlier in the day really came into  play during these segments of the training, especially when moving together sideways to clear behind  obstacles, or when transitioning into and out of rooms.

The final training segment of the day involved all the shooters from both courses meeting together, to  discuss tactical first aid, stopping the bleed, use of tourniquets, and other medical considerations. This  portion was the shortest segment but informative.

My overall assessment of this training is broken down into three categories: the instructors, the content,  and the facility.

While I only trained this day with three of the six instructors, I can say that collectively this is a very  qualified and highly credible team of instructors. I have trained with Gil Baca dozens of times over the  past several years, and as I said before his training experience spans the globe. Jason Westbrook is a  remarkably effective instructor, giving on the spot feedback to shooters to help them succeed, and he  and Jason Peck training together was not only informative but fun to watch. These guys love teaching  others about tactics and concepts they both passionately believe in and have mastered. David Hoy is a  highly skilled firearms instructor and tactician whom I have trained with previously as well. And Mark  Chavez is a calm, collected, thoughtful teacher who has a desire to help others understand life-saving  skills to keep themselves and others safe when the need arises. Each of these gentlemen are Christians  and put they God, Family, and Country above all else.

The Content of this course was very well organized and delivered in a way that one segment built upon  the next and so forth. I think the actual shooting and reloading times could be more effective if each  shooter were equipped with similar weapons. Grouping students together by skill level, experience, and  weapon choice could make for a more effective training experience. I would also like to have seen the  course run another hour longer to include a more hands-on approach to the first aid and medical  portion of the training. Having taken several full courses on tactical medical training this is a portion any  serious gun owner should invest time in. Not that one hour of training makes anyone an expert, but  giving the students more time to practice with the various TQs for example would give them a taste of  training that might drive them to explore additional training courses on this topic.

The Facility was a fantastic venue for this training course. The main range allowed ample space for all  shooters to warm up together with all the instructors in one place before breaking off into smaller  groups to run exercises on the smaller ranges. Each range is set up with its own style of old west setting.  One range might be set up like a blacksmith shop, while another is set up as a saloon, and another is set  up as a Mexican cantina and restaurant. The larger building where we practiced the room clearing drills  has a feel of downtown Dodge City, with the long porches connecting the store front businesses we are  familiar with from the old western movies. Moving from room to room and clearing the rooms with old  wooden floors and furniture was a new experience for everyone in the class.

This was a great course and I would encourage anyone in or near New Mexico to seek out future training  opportunities by Gil Baca and his team of instructors at Global One Defense. I look forward to the next  opportunity and am thankful for having attended this one."


Aztec Municipal Schools

“Global One came to Aztec and trained many staff members in our district.  It was about reacting when the Lockdown Call went over the radio and intercom that cold December morning. If staff had to take time to think about what to do, those precious moments could have been chaotic and more importantly been deadly and cost lives. Our teachers, many of them had received training from Global One, did exactly what they were trained to do.”


“There are two kinds of people when these situations happen, victims and victors, and because Global One came and spent the time in our District, with administrators, teachers, custodians, and local law enforcement, we had a lot of victors inside the classroom and outside as well, ready to deal with the evil if necessary. You cannot hope that this will not happen because hope is not a strategy, you have to prepare, and Global One is great way to do exactly that!” 


By: Kirk Carpenter, Aztec Schools Superintendent        

City of Aztec Police Dept.

“We had our entire Police Department along with members of our Volunteer Fire Department and 16 school officials from our local school district, including the Superintendent attended the training. I received rave reviews from all that attended. The practical exercises included gave all the participants tools to lessen the potential carnages from an Active shooter in our school!”


By: Chief Michael Heal, Aztec Chief of Police

Gardner Zemke

“The response from our employees was overwhelmingly positive. The training we received taught us how to think in a crisis situation, work as a team and empowered us to be First Responders. Most importantly, we learned that all of us can do something!”


By: Rick Zemke, President

City of Espanola, Dept of Public Safety

“The 'Warrior Ethics' Class was very well developed and very beneficial to my employees that attended. I received good feedback from the attendees. Keep up the good work you are providing to our law enforcement community.”


By: Chief Eric Garcia, Espanola Department of Public Safety.

Belen Consolidated Schools

“The caliber and expertise of Global One made the coordination and implementation of the training straightforward with a high degree of professionalism and respect. The greatest outcomes were the reports by the participants of increased confidence and an understanding that in whatever capacity, they must act. We recommend Global One Defense to any school in our nation!”


By: Dr. Ron Marquez, Superintendent

SON Broadcasting Network

“We appreciate you taking your time to be with us on the Coffee & Conversation with Frank and Larry Show. You are part of the fabric that which makes New Mexico such a great place to live!”


By: Kitty Neal, Prayer Ministry Director

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