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Home invasions and home robberies are taking place more and more in the suburbs. Home invasions can end in you and your family experiencing beatings, rape, and murder all of which have already happened in the Albuquerque Metro area — a sad, frightening fact. In the event of a societal collapse or large-scale disaster, realize this – the desperate are coming. So, we are not waiting so, we are training you now on how to survive one and defeat the threat!


Here are some topics we deliver during the training that help you learn how to prevent and survive one:

Current and important Home Invasion data:

1) A troubled economy and increasing inequality across the nation is leading to a surge in crime and Home Invasions

2) Home invasions and robberies are taking place more and more in the suburbs and in rural areas. At the current rate, it’s a safe bet that crimes like home invasions are only going to increase – of these crimes, too many will end in violence and even death.

Some of our Prevention Training consists of the following:

1) Prevention is Better than the Cure

2) Many of us have wondered what we would do in a home invasion.

3) Would we be able to protect our family?

4) Would we react in the right way to lower the possibility of violence?

5) The truth is, protecting your family starts with deterring criminals in the first place!

6) Prevention is much easier and safer than actually defending yourself and your home during a home invasion. If, your plan for a home invasion scenario starts at the point when a criminal breaks into your house - then your home invasion plan sucks. Of course, you should prepare for the worst – but you should also be very aware of how to lower the chances from ever happening in the first place!

7) Even if you do everything right, a home invasion is a dangerous, chaotic, stressful situation filled with uncertainty. A fully trained Recon Marine in a home that has no prevention measures is less safe than a single elderly woman who is armed and has proper prevention measures in place to deter criminals and escape with her life! Has happened!

Here are just a few of the topics we cover in greater detail during the class:

1) Install a security system - Criminals and crooks are looking for easy targets and they’ll focus their attention on other homes that don’t have a security system of any kind.

Reinforced doors and windows - 85% of break ins and home invasions happen through a door.

2) Keep your home well lit - The truth is criminals do not want to be seen. Lights can also make it easier to identify criminals after the fact, which is another reason why burglars and home invaders tend to avoid well-lit houses.

3) Have a dog - Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they’re also great deterrents for criminals and crooks who might be thinking about breaking into your home. Dogs that bark when there are new people are particularly effective, as are dog breeds that are more typically used as ‘guard dogs’ like Dobermans or German Shepherds.

4) Don’t let strangers into your house! - The most successful, dangerous burglars are ones who plan in advance. One common trick that burglars use is to pretend to be ‘home security salesmen’ – they tell you they’ll do a quick assessment and let you know of any weak spots. To further lower opportunities for a crook to scope out your house, put up a “no solicitation, no trespassing sign.”

5) Never leave a spare key under the mat - This might seem like a convenient thing to do if you forget your key, but think about it this way – a single home invasion could change (or even end) your life and your families lives.

Law enforcement experts frequently state that most burglaries and home invasions are preventable.

We also involve our participants in exercises and small group discussions about some of the following:

1) Use of decoys to scare off Home Invaders

2) Hardening the interior of your Home

3) Establishing a ‘Safe Room’ inside with heavy furniture and Firearm protection for adults ONLY

4) Code Word – When to use it and what it means to the family

5) How to call 911

6) Legalities of Home Defense and the Use of Force

7) Set off Home Alarm – Be prepared to defend your family!

8) Home Invaders may be after you not your property

A portion of your day is spent on LIFE DEFENSE Tactics and Reality-based training with Home Invasion scenarios that require critical decisions to defend or not.

FINALLY, Beware of a Mass Increase In Home Invasions – Our Advice: Pray for guidance on just how much self-defense if any God would lead you to take. Let’s face it — in a dangerous world God can protect us but as the Bible shows that’s not always the case — sometimes we are harmed by our inaction and poor decision making. Parents have seen their children suffer because they have not taught them situational awareness and defensive strategies for dealing with dangerous situations. Knowing that these dangers are coming at some point in the coming years we strongly recommend you prayerfully consider attending our HOME INVASION SURVIVAL tactical training and weekly LIFE DEFENSE Courses — not only may your tactical training one day protect your immediate family, but you also may be able to help other neighbors who have been targeted for home invasion or worse.


All the Instructors for the above listed training are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Black Belts in IPP and American KRAV MAGA Martial Art, JUDO, Shotokan, and Jiu Jitsu. Some are also current and retired law enforcement and National Guardsmen.

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