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Krav Maga Belt Training

Our Krav Maga self-defense system does not adhere to many of the same ceremonial aspects still practiced in traditional martial art, but it does utilize a Krav Maga belt system that corresponds to the levels in which people train and achieve. There are six main belt levels in the Krav Maga Intense Personal Protection (IPP) self-defense that can be earned.

Home Invasion Survival

Home invasions and home robberies are taking place more and more in the suburbs. Home invasions can end in you and your family experiencing beatings, rape, and murder all of which have already happened in the Albuquerque Metro area — a sad, frightening fact. In the event of a societal collapse or large-scale disaster, realize this – the desperate are coming. So, we are not waiting so, we are training you now on how to survive one and defeat the threat!

Risk / VA Assessments

Global One Defense offers consulting services for industrial security, personal protection, training and national investigative expertise to corporate organizations to help them solve internal and external problems and improve their business performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy.

Active Shooter Survival

Our ACTIVE SHOOTER SURVIVAL Course, which has instructors who have conducted this type of training worldwide, is a powerful Reality Based Training (RBT) that is entirely ‘interactive’ with group assignments and includes team and large group exercises.


Classes include Basic and Advanced handgun, intro and advanced AR-15 Carbine/Rifle, and close encounter defense/disarms.

Tactical EMS (T-EMS)

Global One Defense has designed a mission-specific course for United States Healthcare Providers.

Carjacking Survival

Training to help prevent and as a last resort defend yourself or a family member, defeat the threat and survive a carjack.

Corporate, Casino, & School

Courses designed for all Casinos, Public and Private Schools as well as large, medium and large Corporations and Businesses nationwide.

Krav Maga Life Defense

A weekly NO-COST Thursday evening KRAV MAGA based, Hands-On, Life Defense Training that is open to all public safety personnel, business and corporate professionals, police, fire, EMS and the general public.

Officer Survival

There has been an incredible increase of Close Quarter Attacks on Police Officers, Military and any public official that wears a uniform over the past 3-years. An absolute must for all police, military and public safety officials.

Places of Worship

This category has provided a Training Conference for all Places of Worship and denominations nationwide for over a decade now. Topics have included Active Shooter Survival, Recognition of Suspicious Packages/Suspected Explosive Devices, Combating Sexual Predators, Transnational and Domestic Terrorism Threat, Dignitary Protection and more.

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