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This LIFE DEFENSE - Self-Defense Training is offered at NO-COST all year long every Thursday from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at HOPE Christian Middle School and is open to everyone!  All the training is KRAV MAGA Martial Art based and is taught by several current and retired law enforcement Black Belts in IPP and AMERICAN KRAV MAGA, JUDO, and JUI JITSU. It is not a Dojo where you are required to do everything in order to advance and test for belts.

At this training, you may do only what you want to do. We offer this as a public service for our Albuquerque Metro area citizens and their families so, you can literally train at your own pace. Occasionally, we show a video of a recent attack on someone, re-enact it and explain how that same person could have protected themselves. We currently have police officers from the NM State Police, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department, Albuquerque Police Department, Sandia National Labs & UNM personnel, Nurses, Doctors, Church Security, Businessmen and women, EMS and Fire Fighters.  Many of them also bring their children, friends and spouses to train and learn some life-saving self-defense tactics as well.  There is no better gift to give someone you love or care about that that. See attached flyer for more details.


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“Global One Defense has designed this Close Quarter Tactics Survival Course for all adult men and women with a good self-defense background and/or some defensive tactics or Martial Art training. Each level is 8-hours of intense realistic CQT Survival type training.  The current ambush-style robberies, Home Invasions, Carjacking, and random unprovoked attacks on citizens, which unfortunately has become too common, has added to a deadly increase in a disturbing trend for all American law abiding citizens nationwide:

Number of assaults by weapons in U.S. 2018 were 185,437 aggravated assaults where firearms were used.

In comparison, there were 123,253 aggravated assaults where knives or other cutting instruments were used.

This exponential increase of violence against all American citizen regardless of background, ethnicity, or geographical location year after year now requires American citizens to learn new ways to protect themselves and their families. This new Close Quarter Tactical Survival (CQT) for citizens is the solution and consists of KRAV MAGA (Google) based Defensive Tactics that are Easy to Learn; Easy-to-Use; Hard-to-Forget!

The Five Levels of CQT Survival Training are all KRAV MAGA Israeli Combat Martial Art based and consist of:

    * Hand-to-Hand & Blunt Instrument Attack Defenses

    * Knife Attack Defenses

    * Gun/Rifle Attack Disarm Defenses

    * Multiple Attacker Survival Defenses

The citizen CQT courses are physically demanding but worth the effort and certification for the man or woman seriously interested in developing their own personal self-defense. The tactics are delivered to participants from standing and ground positions, attacks in various angles from the officer’s front, back, and sides, as well as, inside/outside of a vehicles, rooms and open space. Keeping you and your family alive is the ONLY option!

CUSTOMIZED – Tailored for Individual, Company, Church & NEIGHBORHOOD SURVIVAL TRAINING

All the CQT courses can be customized to meet the mission-specific training for companies, church and corporate security, Specialty Transport personnel & private Home situational training and neighborhood training.


All the Instructors for the above listed training are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Black Belts in IPP and American KRAV MAGA Martial Art, JUDO, Shotokan, and Jiu Jitsu. Some are also current and retired law enforcement and National Guardsmen.

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